How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back – 7 Simple Tricks

How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend BackRight now you may be trying to answer the question, “how do I get my ex girlfriend back?” Although it may seem tough now, almost every great relationship goes through a break-up. If you think about it, break-ups actually make relationships stronger because they offer this test that the two of you can look back and say, “wow, we got through this, we are the real deal.”

Just ask any of your married friends or relatives and you will get a break-up story and how they got back together. When you use the tips in this article you and your girlfriend are going to be able to join that fraternity of strong couples who get back together and look back at the break-up as a defining moment that made you guys closer.

Below I’ve compiled some of the most effective answers to your question, “What to do if I want my ex girlfriend back?” So, just follow these tips and you will know how to win your ex girlfriend back.

How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? – See A Relationship Counselor

Although many people are skeptical about seeking any kind of counseling, it is really helpful. You will get a mediator who can help you guys to figure out what the problem was in your relationship and set you guys up with boundaries and solutions for the future. The best part about a relationship counselor is that they have been counseling for years and they have seen so many situations that they will be able to tailor something specifically for the two of you on the spot.

Seeking out a relationship counselor is effective in two ways because your counselor will be able to answer the question, “how do I get my ex girlfriend back” in a very specific way that pleases both of you. Secondly, it will show your ex that you are very serious about moving forward in this relationship (which is very important to most women).

How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back By Making A Mixtape

For everyone who doesn’t know, a mixtape was a cassette tape and people would use their radios to record popular songs on them. Trying to win a girls heart by giving her a mixtape of cool songs was an old school tip that people used to practice. So, why not reach back in the bag of tricks and use it as a way how to win your ex girlfriend back (you can achieve the same effect of a mixtape with CDs or an mp3 playlist).

Music has a very powerful effect on us and that is the reason why when you hear some songs it immediately takes you back to certain places and times (this effect is called anchoring). Music has the same effect on your ex, so make sure to add “your songs” (songs that were in the background during great experiences you had as a couple) on your mixtape. This technique is powerful because music really moves people and that is the reason the artists get paid millions of dollars to make these three minute songs.

How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back By Supporting Her Dreams And Passions

These days it’s tough to find someone who you are interested in and even harder to find someone who you are interested in who shares your passions. Reignite her attraction for you by taking an interest in her passions.

Supporting her dreams and passions is a great way how to get ex girlfriend back because her passions are something she puts a lot of time into and has a lot of love for. So, by you supporting her passion and believing that she can achieve her dreams she will have a positive association between her dreams and you. Also, every time she thinks of her passion/dreams she will also be forced to think of you since you are the biggest supporter of her dreams/passions.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast By Limiting Your Contact With Her

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is a popular saying in our culture and there is truth in it. If you had your favorite food everyday you’d get tired of it sooner or later. So, as you’re figuring out how to get your ex gf back give her the space to see how much you really meant to her.

It is kind of like the process of falling in love with someone. You actually don’t fall in love with them when you are with them, it is when you are apart from them and you find yourself getting butterflies in your stomach, bringing them up in every conversation, and wishing that they were there with you in different situations. Your limited contact with her will cause her to miss you and contact you (now, when she does, be neutral, remember, you want getting back together to be her choice).

How To Get Your Ex Gf Back By Taking Up A New Hobby

Think of a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try like surfing, archery, or golf and go out there and do it. This will take your mind off of the break up, teach you a new skill, make you feel good and give you a confidence boost. Taking up a new hobby is a way how to get your ex girlfriend back fast because time flies when you’re having fun (and other people, namely your ex will notice too)

Taking up a new hobby differentiates you from 99% of men who will be sitting around crying after a break-up. It also reignites the “alpha male” inside of you. The alpha male does what he wants to do and the confidence you get from being alpha will attract your ex back to you.

Things To Say To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: “Thank You”

You’re not thanking her for the break-up, but you are thanking her for all of the good times you guys had together and how much the relationship caused you to grow as person. When you do this you have to do it sincerely. Tell her that even if you guys never get back together you are very happy for the times that you guys had together and that you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

She will feel appreciated and a little bit thrown off because out of all the things to say to get your ex girlfriend back “thank you” is not usually one of them. However, I know that in her heart she will be thinking about the things that you said and the good times that you had together as you talk to her. This will lead her to get back in contact with you.

Best Way To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Is By Being Successful

I’m not talking about making a lot of money or becoming a reality TV star (although that works too). I’m just talking about being successful at whatever it is that you do. So, if you are a musician put in that extra grind and book a couple of new gigs. Or, if you are a programmer finish that app you’ve been working on and release it to the public.

The best way to get your ex girlfriend back is by being successful because it works. You’ve seen it on TV and in real life a million times. The notoriety that you get from being successful at what you do will attract a lot of new people to you (guys and girls).

Being successful causes your ex to think of all the time she helped you develop that talent or spent watching you develop it. She will realize that it was her who supported you before you became successful not all of the people who are hanging on to you now.

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