I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back – 7 Easy Ways To Get Her Back

I Want My Ex Girlfriend BackEverybody experiences a break-up, but you are one of the people who says, “I want my ex girlfriend back” Just by making that decision you’ve already taken the first major step towards getting your girlfriend back. Now that you have the will you need the tools so that you can do the job properly.

It is my pleasure to give you the best tips which can help you answer the question “How to get my ex girlfriend back?” If you follow these tips you will get your ex back fast. I have a lot of faith in you since you have taken the time to find and read this article.

I Want My Ex Girlfriend Back, So I Am Going To Wear Cologne

Cologne is a powerful tool in the quest how to win your ex girlfriend back because smells have a powerful effect on our brain. Smells can either draw us away from or towards certain things and people. The magical part about it is that sometimes the smells are so faint that we can’t consciously register why we are moving away/towards something/someone, but our brain registers it.

Now, if you’ve always worn cologne and there was a certain one that your ex liked then wear that one all the time (note: be aware that some girls actually like your natural smell). However, if you’ve never worn cologne just stop by the fragrance store at the mall and buy a couple of small testers and see what smells good on you. Once you’ve found “your cologne” wear it all the time and the next time your girlfriend bumps into to you she will sense something different about you, but she will not be able to put her finger on it (which is great because it means she will be thinking a lot about you trying to figure it out).

How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back By Using The No Contact Rule

The No Contact Rule is used to keep guys from making silly mistakes like calling/texting your girlfriend in the middle of the night and telling her how much she meant to you. The rule is effective because those kinds of attempts at getting her back will not work right now. So, for at least 2 weeks cut off all contact from her.

The No Contact Rule is a great way how to get your ex girlfriend back fast because it gives her the space that she needs to breathe and to see how much you meant to her. It will be very tough, but it will all be worth it once you get your girlfriend back. My best advice to pass the time during the no contact rule would be to take up some sort of hobby to keep your mind off of her.

How To Get Ex Girlfriend Back By Using Friends And Family As A Support System

After a break-up most men are an emotional wreck and in this state they can not figure out how to get your ex gf back. Leaning on your family and friends helps you get yourself back together so that you can find the solution to the question, “how do I get my ex girlfriend back”, with a clear head.

When you are using your family and friends as a support system make sure not to vent about how, “I want my ex girlfriend back” Instead make it about just dealing with the emotions that you are having. Dealing with your emotions sets you up to be in a neutral zone when you meet with your girlfriend in the near future.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast By Telling Her About Your Pain

There are countless stories of couples who were broken-up, but who reconciled after one of them was hurt because the other realized just how much that person mean to them at that moment. There are also many songs lyrics depicting this situation like Lauryn Hill’s, “every time I walk away, you hurt yourself to make me stay” (Ex Factor)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to go out and get injured, but if you do have some existing problems or illness make sure to tell her about them and how much they are bothering you. If you are even more devious you can make and injury up (like faking a broken arm with a sling) and tell her you were faking later after you have her back (you did it because you love her so much – how can she be mad at that?).

How To Get Your Ex Gf Back By Sharing Stuff

Sharing things brings people together. Whether you’re sharing blood (family), food, shelter, experiences, or love. Sharing what you have with someone else shows that you care for them enough to give up what you have so that they may have a little too.

I’m sure you and your ex shared a lot of things during your relationship, so you don’t need too many examples. But, now is the time to start it back up slow. So, startup with sharing something easy like a ride to work (offer to drop her of at work on your way) or a textbook (if you’re in college/high school) and then work your way back up.

How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? – Trust Her

During your break-up/reconciliation period you can’t keep tabs on your girlfriend 24/7. No matter how much those urges inside of you are screaming, “I want my ex girlfriend back you have to trust that she is going to come back to you. So relax when she goes out with other guys and your friends.

Don’t ever ask her what she has been up to. Just trust that she is committed to getting the relationship back together and making it work. She will feel this trust that you have in her and she will return the favor because trust is a two way streak.

Best Way To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Is By Smiling

Smiling is the best way to get your ex girlfriend back because there is a positive psychological and physiological reaction every time you do it. It brings a whole new energy to your presence and people want to be around you because of this.

Just to demonstrate how powerful this technique is I want you to imagine something really sad that has happened in your life for 20 seconds and then go look at yourself in the mirror (see the difference it makes?). Now, smile for 20 seconds and look into the mirror (it doesn’t matter if you are faking the smile). Which version of yourself would you rather have for a romantic partner?

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